Fotos Mallorca Surf Action 2009

Mallorca Surf Action2009:

The MSA 2009 was celebrated on the beach of Can Pastilla. The event was packed with action sport activities and the highlight of this year were undoubtely the BMX Pro Final with Koji Kraft. A double tail whip backflip over the spine secured him the 1. place in the event. After two times going down, he finally mastered the landing.

Second best trick was a huuuge transfer flair covering a distance of maybe 18 feet.  Photographing this event is always a big pleasure for me and I am looking forward to 2010. I attach some pictures for those of  you, who could`t make it. Visit to get more information and photos.

Cable ski

Cable ski

Kite Boarding

Kite Boarding

Tail Whip over Fun Box

Tail Whip360 over Fun Box

Wake boarding Can Pastilla

Galicia meets Can Pastilla

Über Matthias Soeder

Matthias Soeder, Jahrgang 1971, Nationalität: deutsch