MTB Photoshooting in Namibia

Thanks to the adventure and sports company I had the opportunity to shoot some great images in Africa. In the last two weeks we drove about 2600 km by bike and 4×4, exploring the fantastic landscapes of that country. It was not always easy – deep sand, temperatures up to 45 degree Celcius, a merciless sun and strong winds made us suffer more than we expected. But at the end it was a priceless lifetime experience and Africa will sure see me again. In the 3/2013 edition we will run an article in the german World of MTB magazine. Photos will be released after that date. Do you want a little appetizer? Here we go (all rights reserved):

mtb in namibia

biker im letzten licht in blutkoppe


Über Matthias Soeder

Matthias Soeder, Jahrgang 1971, Nationalität: deutsch