About me

Fotograf Matthias Soeder auf Mallorca
Dipl. Bw. Matthias Soeder

Hola, como estas?


My name is Matthias Soeder. I am a German / Spanish / English speaking photographer and have been living in Mallorca since 1999. The Mediterranean lifestyle and the beautiful nature of the island have drawn me here. I grew up in Switzerland and Germany. Today I live in the mountain village Esporlas, not far from Palma de Mallorca.


I love to shoot weddings, modern architecture and sport events. The different facets and demands of these different subject areas are what make photography so attractive to me.


With Mallorca I have found one of the best locations in Europe, which offers unique framework conditions for wedding photography as well as for architecture and sports photography.

On this homepage I will show you a little visual tour through my portfolio.

For more information, I can be reached at info (at) palmapix.com or by phone.


Yours Matthias Soeder

My photo Equipment

  • I use professional DSLR cameras and lenses from Nikon. No photo shoot is carried out without a second or third back-up camera / www.nikon.de
  • External lighting: Elinchrom / www.elinchrom.com
  • California sunbounce reflectors / www.sunbounce.com
  • SPL + Liquid Eye underwater housings / www.splwaterhousings.com / www.liquideye.net